ErosionSim (2015)
Simulation in progress, including a 3D view as well as informative panel views.

ErosionSim is a simulation of erosion caused by the flow of water, with a real-time display of the deformed terrain. I implemented the “virtual pipes” model described in Mei, Decaudin, Hu (2007). Water is placed in imaginary, discrete “boxes” and water flow is modeled as water transfer between two such boxes. When water moves faster, it picks up soil from the ground; when it moves slower, sediment is deposited, thus changing the landscape.

I coded ErosionSim in C++, with Allegro for the 2D info window and a DX11 renderer for the real-time view(made by Elise Alway). The simulation is threaded for performance, and has a simulation speed of roughly 20fps at optimum on a standard consumer-grade PC. Below is a video of a typical runtime experience. The mostly flat initial terrain ends up smoothed in places and deeply carved in others.